The Orange Juice Man Urban Legend: When Drugs Go Wrong


There’s an urban legend that’s been going around since the 1960’s that centers around a person called The Orange Juice Man. He was once a normal guy until an accident changed him into …well you’ll see lol…


The story goes that there was once a man who was smuggling sheets of LSD into the US. Some stories say that he was smuggling them in from Mexico, some say he was coming from Canada, but in all the stories he had the sheets of LSD tucked into his undershirt to hide them from the border guards.

Is it just me or does orange juice taste funny wthout vodka?

He had quite a lot of sheets of LSD actually and they were stuck over every inch of his chest and back. He knew that if he could get them across the border without detection it would mean big money for him, something that he sorely needed. But of course, the flip side to this was that if he was caught he’d be facing a massive amount of jail time.

The border was especially busy that day and the line were moving very slow. As the man stood in line he couldn’t help but think of all the ways that the border guards could catch him. Like one of them might feel the sheets of LSD under his shirt or even worse if they untucked his shirts maybe a sheet or two might fall out right in front of them.


As the man got closer to the guards he got more and more nervous, he was definitely having second thoughts about all this but it was too late to leave the line now. If he ran off now they would definitely suspect him and do an extra thorough search. He was trapped!

The crazy thoughts of being caught swirled through his mind and he started to shake and sweat profusely. The closer he got to the searching station the more nervous he got …and the more he sweat. The thing was the sweat was starting to activate the drugs in the sheets of LSD, but he didn’t know it until it was too late.

All the sheets of LSD absorbed into his system at once and he fell to the floor right as he reached the border guards.

The man was rushed to the hospital but not much could be done. Nobody had ever been known to have taken so much LSD at once so the doctors at the hospital just waited for him to wake up to see what the effects would be. What happened next surprised everyone.


When the man woke up he did not know where he was, he didn’t know who he was, or what had happened. In fact, he didn’t even know he was human.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when they realized that the man now thought he was… a glass of orange juice. Not only that but he would run around the hospital in a frenzy because he was deathly afraid that someone would tip him over or drink him up.

No matter what the doctors tried they couldn’t cure him and he spent the rest of his life insane and thinking he was a glass of orange juice.

This urban legend of The Orange Juice Man got so widespread that some newspapers started to report it as fact, and the Orange Juice Man was sometimes even was blamed for crimes that were committed in certain cities. Which just goes to show, you don’t have to overdose on LSD to believe crazy things :D.


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