The Hardest (Working) Hedgehog in Showbiz



Ron Jeremy is one of the world’s most recognizable celebrities in the world, up there with Elvis, Micheal Jordan, Tom Brady. Even if you’ve never watched a single second of porn, you know who Ron Jeremy is. But, if you’ve never watched a second of porn, you’re also a terrible liar, so you know EXACTLY who Ron Jeremy is. AVN ranked Ron the No. 1 in their “50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list. Jeremy is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films”; his entry on the Internet Adult Film Database lists more than 2,000 films in which he has performed and an additional 285 films which he directed. By way of comparison, John Holmes, the next highest-ranked male star on the AVN Top 50 porn stars, has 384 acting credits listed on the IAFD. I once saw the Hedgehog at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and he couldn’t walk five feet without someone wanting to have their ironic-but-totally-not photo taken with the porn king.

Many presume that the portly, 5’6″ actor acquired his nickname from his stature, but the truth is far more terrific. In 1979, he was due to start filming Olympic Fever(A struggling Olympic swimmer uses a special dietary supplement to improve her performance, drawing the attention of the Russian team.), and left for what he presumed would be a warmer climate of California. Alas, the weather was freezing and Ron had only packed shorts and t-shirts to combat the cold. Worse luck, he made the coast-to-coast trip by motorcycle, meaning that he was close to hyperthermic by the time he arrived on set. To warm up, he had a long, hot shower, exiting with bright pink skin and every hair on his body standing on end. His co-star Bill Margold, remarked, “You are a hedgehog, my friend. A walking, talking hedgehog”.

Ron Jeremy was a struggling actor who more or less stumbled into the adult industry, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that he has quite a few small roles in ‘regular’ Hollywood films to add to his resume. He was an extra in the original Ghostbusters and played a protester in Jason Statham vehicle Crank: High Voltage. Though he has had dramatic roles in fares such as The Chase (news anchorman), Detroit Rock City (a club announcer) and one of my favorite movies The Boondock Saints (Mobster), more often than not he often either cameos as himself or plays an adult star. His role as Blisterface in Disney’s Bone Chillers was performed under layers of prosthetics and credited to Ronald Hyatt, so as not to upset parents. But what made Jeremy famous is the length of his penis at nine and three-quarter inches, significantly smaller than that of the porn star John Holmes(This is quite the penis controversy for Holmes, Ron saw John and said he was 11 1/2 Holmes’ longtime manager, Bill Amerson, claimed to have seen John measure himself and it was 13 1/2.  John claimed to be 15 inches but nevertheless his greatest asset. Just average it out to 13.333 inches.)

Movies Names Earning from this Movie ($)
Killing Zoe 500,000
Super Hornio Brothers 375,000
Caged Fury 342,857
Wanda Whips Wall Street 307,692
Debbie Does Dallas Part II 260,870
Total money of these Movies 1,786,419


Ron is a firm believer in the animal rights movement, regularly donating his time and celebrity to aid organizations such as PETA. He has also posted in just a towel for PETA.

One of the biggest misnomers about the adult industry is that it is a veritable goldmine, showering its stars with money and baubles. While regular showers are a part of the industry life, it certainly isn’t with money; actors are usually paid a few thousand per flick, with a career rarely bringing home enough money to retire on. Ron, through his sheer hustle, has managed to buck the trend and has an estimated net worth of $6 million through adult entertainment. However, this does not mean that Jeremy is a free-spending, cash-throwing kind of guy – observers to his thriftiness have reported of him turning up at airports with his possessions in a Glad trash bag, so reluctant is he to splash out on ostentatious luxuries such as a suitcase.

The first movie i saw Ron in was “Inside Seka – 1980”

What was the first movie you saw The Hedgehog – Ron Jeremy in?



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