The Red Pill is an eye opener


The Red Pill is an eye opener

The Red Pill is a must-see movie especially after the crazy feminazis tried to stop the confirmation of Brett Michael Kavanaugh with fake-rape accusations. Cassie Jaye was thorough, unflinching and relentlessly detailed in her research into the Men’s Movement and in creating this incredible film. She patiently talked with and listened to many leading figures in the Men’s Movement as well as several prominent feminists and held space for everyone’s opinions.

I went to a feminist picnic the other day. It was great, apart from the fact no one made any sandwiches.

It is difficult for most people to see beneath our culture’s attitudes about male privilege and power to the myriad layers of problems and issues that run beneath that false front and to feel empathy for men based solely on their gender. This movie was the first attempt by a recognized documentary filmmaker to take on this task, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I found the movie, entertaining, fascinating and deeply emotionally moving. I hope it will open the eyes of many men and boys in our country and around the world. The film will hit a nerve with almost every man over 30 who has been married or divorced, or who is paying alimony, or child support. Women will not like the film as it exposes the family courts, as well as the legal profession for what it is and you should read the article Do Not Pitch The Bitch!!!


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