Facebook’s War On Conservatives…


This is what put me behind bars, Into the famous facebook Alcatraz. The largest gang in this prison are the Conforming Conservatives. It is very similar to prison but in an online kind of way. You can log into your account and get to read all the bullshit in your news feed, but you can’t like or make a commit on anything. You can’t defend yourself. A Liberal wet dream.

Retard Bitch Boy

Recap: I respond to his assinine statement that only a liberal idiot would make. Reality is that the far left and media have highjacked the Democrat party, plain and simple. There was a time when the difference between the two parties was not like it is today. Both parties could come to some sort of agreement. Not anymore! My opinion, we started seeing this happen probably due to the success of Reaganomics. The Democrats could not duplicate that. I also think some of the big Palo Alto Tech social media companies have a lot to do with this as well.


Another thing that I have found that drives a liberal crazy is spelling/grammar. You can see that in my post. My favorite one to use is “your” and You’re” purposely misused those and for sure it will start the process of unhinging a liberal and they will have to correct you on it. It’s impossible for a Liberal to pass that up.

The bitch boy grabs one of my pictures. Not sure why he did this, but two can play that game. He could have picked a worse picture, so I want to thank Bitch Boy. So make you’re(🤣) photos private and only friends can see. Make the good ones public.

“Scotch Tape” remark. I have a chiropractor that I use and he does a great job, but this idiot is a chiropractor out of Austin, Texas and uses tape to adjust you’re(🤣🤣) back. seriously? this is something I would see on an infomercial at 2:30 am in the morning.

So how did I pass my time in this crowbar prison?

Got a little workout in, as you do in regular prison, just wanted to make this experience as authentic as possible. I also made a shank out of an old toothbrush. 

Can anyone tell me why I was put in jail? political views, conservative, My eating habits(Lots of meat), own businesses, I hate modern feminist(The Red Pill). This seems to only be happening to people like me. Facebook’s answer was a liberal riddle and doesn’t specify anything specific.

After all that fun I looked into alternatives like Minds and Gab. I’ve had Minds for 6 months now, but just never really explored it and I like it.

Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, the freedom of speech, and the free flow of information on the internet. My Gab ID – sean_carter

Minds is an open source and decentralized social network for Internet freedom, where users earn crypto tokens for their contributions to the network My Minds ID – seancarter

I recently wrote an article comparing Facebook to a very addictive drug, which it was designed to be. Read more here “The Digital Dopamine”

Was facebook justified to put me in the slammer? Are you and you’re conservative friends being treated the same way?  Every hear about this happening to a liberal? Leave comments below.

C’Est La Vie and Suck My Cock Facebook… 


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