The Name…And Why…


Either you love it or you hate it. I wanted something politically incorrect… So FUCKING tired of this PC bullshit that people are trying to force-feed us!

Why did I create this Magazine?

I grew up in a time when men’s magazines were actually interesting. Had great articles, health tips and even had a sense of humor. Also, I’m in a transition time of my life. I’ve started a lot of businesses and enjoy that a lot. It was fun and it created a lot of jobs and put food on families tables, I supported a lot of families. But my brick & mortar days are over. It’s not fun anymore. Why isn’t it fun anymore? Number 1 reason is dealing with BS government and how they want to control us…

A couple of examples

Example: One of the businesses I owned is a Hotel in Cartagena Colombia, This place is an extremely popular international hostel. The ministry of tourism comes in and asking me a bunch of question and one was about my room prices. They said because of what my price was by law I had to have TV’s in my room. Here is someone trying to tell me how to run my business that has 0 experience in the real world. But they are the government and they know what is best for Us. The reason I didn’t have TV’s in the room is that I wanted people in the cafe and lounge socializing with other people and that worked great, people ended up having a better experience than sitting in their room watching tv.

Example: I owned one of the most popular discos in South America and the friendly government comes in and on the third floor I had pool tables. They said Discos are not allowed to have pool tables. At this point, you just stop asking why.

I’ve had some interesting experience in my life. I’ve been thrown in jail in a 3rd world country, quite a few death threats, kidnapping attempt and a contract to kill. Lived through a giant earthquake, almost hit by an airplane and got bored with doing cocaine, yes that is possible… and many many more. But the worst thing was dealing with a corrupt government! and you know the government is the same all over this world.

So Welcome to Suck My Dick And Time Travel.

I’m meeting a lot of really cool people threw my travels and social media pages(Gab – @sean_carter Minds – @seancarter) and they are writing some really great articles. If you are interested in joining the crew, send me an email


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