Dude, Pass Me The Mini Sword…


Turn in your man card if you don’t have a leatherman.

Anyone who’s carried a multi-tool knows what a lifesaver the versatile gadgets can be in a pinch. What you might not know is that if not for a long vacation, the unreliable car, an understanding wife(oxymoron), and a determined inventor, the granddaddy of them all, the Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool, would never have been created.


The multi-tools have an appropriately rugged name, but it didn’t require a focus group to perfect. Tim Leatherman was born with the ideal name for an outdoor gadget. Leatherman, an Oregon native who earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Oregon State University. Invented the tool that now bears his name.


When the first Leatherman Pocket Survival Tools shipped in 1983, they came backed with a 25-year warranty. In 2008, that first batch of warranties expired, but Newhouse News Service reported, “There’s no intention of turning away any longtime customer’s warranty claim, no matter how long expired.” Modern Leatherman tools still come with this 25-year warranty that covers pretty much everything except theft, loss, abuse, and “unreasonable use.” As the company puts it, “Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we’ll fix it. No questions, no hassles, no wasting your time.”

I own the two below and love them both… why two? One for home and I carry the other one on me.

In an interview, Tim Leatherman gave Knight Ridder for the company’s 20th anniversary in 2003. Tim shared a favorite story of one of his creations in action. A boater in Alaska awoke from a nap to find either a feminist or a retarded humpback whale had gotten it’s tail fluke wrapped in the boat’s anchor line. With it’s thrashing threatening to destroy the boat, the boater calmly whipped out his Leatherman and used its knife to saw through the line, freeing it and saving the boat.


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